About M+A

M+A is an architectural design firm located in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Our extensive portfolio consists of midrise buildings, 2 and 3-story walk-up apartments, single-story (cottage-style) buildings, 2-story townhomes, mixed-use commercial/residential developments, and commercial and hospitality projects. Each design tells a story unique to the property and client. We believe that team cohesiveness, concise communication, and the ability to implement inventive problem-solving skills are the keys to making each project successful in style, function, and cost. Our approach is to partner with clients to ensure we completely understand their vision and goals and make their dream become a reality.

The M+A team has had great success with our commercial and hospitality projects. We are attentive to the operational and design features that make each building beautiful and embody its own identity. Our architects and project designers capture and express building character through thoughtful and fully functional designs.

Additionally, we have extensive knowledge and experience with multifamily housing. We have successfully designed numerous new construction developments, projects that include the adaptive reuse of existing buildings, and building preservation. We maintain environmental and energy-efficient standards throughout site development, building materials, and efficient mechanical systems. This provides healthy and comfortable environments for tenants throughout the life of the building.